Wooden Epoxy Tabletop

Wooden Epoxy Tabletop

One of the many wonderful things about having so many creative minds under one roof here at PhDs, we get to see what happens when artistry and nature meet. This project is one of the many custom-made epoxy table tops that we are known for. With multiple layers of epoxy with its own unique swirls of every color, this table just screams one of a kind. As the epoxy cures (or dries), more colors are added until the vacant space in the wood is filled and the tabletop is level. Once the top is level, the legs can be added and this table will be on its way to its new home. This show-stopping piece has certainly captured the eye of many customers and the heart of several employees but it will go to its forever home when it's ready. Maybe your dream design can be the next piece to capture our hearts here at Personal Handcrafted Displays?

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