Latest Creations from Rat Rod Steel!

Latest Creations from Rat Rod Steel!

From out of the mystical metallurgy forest of Rat Rod Steel comes two new creatures and a beautiful display for them. The new steel squirrel with a full tail of 2-inch finishing nails and a body made from steel rebar. The mouth was fashioned from a metal nut with the threads that made teeth. This squirrel definitely has an attitude. Moving around the glossy tree stump complete with horseshoe base, your eye is drawn to the solid steel hummingbird that has stopped in this scene for a meal. With widespread wings with feathery detail and the beak made from a welding rod, this hummingbird looks right at home in this metallic nature space. Come by today to Personal Handcrafted Displays to experience this amazing scene for yourself before the glimpse fades away!

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