Shit Creek Paddle Shop Boat Paddles

Shit Creek Paddle Shop Boat Paddles
If you’ve ever been up Shit Creek without a paddle, then you need the official Shit Creek Paddle!

Hand crafted in the U.S.A. by American Craftsmen, the Shit Creek novelty paddles make the perfect gift for someone who might need a helping hand (or a good laugh)!

We admit that these paddles are mainly a novelty or a gift, but they are real paddles, laser engraved with our Shit Creek Paddles logo on the blade.

Our Shit Creek Paddles are actually 42" New Zealand pine wood boat paddles, laser engraved with Shit Creek Paddles logo in exquisite detail. Fine sanding and several coats of lacquer finish this paddle to protect it for years to come.

The Shit Creek Paddles logo is laser engraved onto the blade of the paddle. A compass rose is engraved on the grip of the paddle.

Don’t find yourself up Shit Creek without a paddle! Order your very own Shit Creek Paddle today!

We are proud of our American made products and happy to present them to you for display in your home or business.

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