Top Drops

Top Drops

This subject of this product showcase is one of our most versatile and most requested pieces; The Top Drop. This product begins as a shape that is usually associated with the event in which it is commissioned for; a wedding bell or heart shaped, a graduation cap, a birthday cake, or many more. Once the main shape has been chosen, the outer form is created to the customers specifications. It is made hollow with a clear front and a small space in which smaller wooden pieces can be dropped into the larger shape to be kept as a collection. Pictured here is a heart shape with smaller hearts being dropped inside. This particular shape can be used at a wedding in which the guests can sign the pieces and drop them inside the top drop for the happy couple to collect and keep. These designs are open to all manner of interpretation with various plans and ideas on our website that you can reach from the link in our profile. Visit us today at Personal Handcrafted Displays to begin building your own top drop for the special occasion in your future!

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