Artist's Showcase- Jennifer Klinger

Artist's Showcase- Jennifer Klinger

Easter is upon us and the Easter Bunny would most certainly be jealous if he knew what beautiful eggs our artist Jennifer Klinger has created here in PhDs showroom! We at Personal Handcrafted Displays have been more than honored to witness some of the remarkable work done by Jennifer Klinger right under our own roof. With ostrich eggs, she attaches images of antique art, gems, glitter, and various other decorations to fit the theme of each particular egg. Some even feature cut outs in the style of lattice work or windows to small house-style scenes for the viewer to enjoy. These breathtaking pieces of artwork can even be customized to feature family trees with birthstone gems depicting family members in stunning visual displays. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell some bunny! Tell every bunny! These things are amazing! 

Hop on into PhDs and let us fill up your Easter Basket with these one-of-a-kind eggs because, I promise you, you have never seen anything like them!

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