Wood Cowboy Hats

Wood Cowboy Hats

  Meet the maker! Brian Butler

Brian enjoys producing most of the usual woodworking products such as: bowls, vases, urns, walking sticks but it is his wood cowboy hats that set him apart from other woodworkers.

Brian starts with a 60 to 70 pound hunk of wet wood. He likes to use Ambrosia maple, walnut, chestnut, birch and beech. He proceeds to turn the hunk of wood into a bowl shape. After many hours of turning, he stops when it is only 1/8 inch thick. Over the next four to five days he will shape the hat as the wood drys. Once complete the hat will weigh less than a pound!

Please visit the Gallery for more great hats by Brian!

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  • Mike Rinier - September 06, 2022

    Would like to talk with you about getting an order started.

  • Robert Henry - February 12, 2022

    Hi Brian do you do workshops

  • BRIAN butler - August 09, 2020

    yes we have made them out of cottonwood

  • Robert Henry - November 29, 2019

    Can a hat be made out of cottonwood

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