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Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma!

Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma!

Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma!

Made in USA, this is our beguiling Map of Eufaula Lake in Haskell, McIntosh, Pittsburg Counties, Oklahoma!

Completed in 1964

Avg. Depth: 23 Feet

Max. Depth: 87 Feet

Surface Area: 105,000 Acres

Shoreline: 800+ Miles

From 1956 to 1964 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed Lake Eufaula dam, creating Oklahoma's expansive lake (102,200 acres)!

A blessing to northern Pittsburg County, Lake Eufaula brought tourism, physical infrastructure development, and the contrivance of hydroelectric power to the district! 🌅🛶🌥


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