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Frio River in Texas!

Frio River in Texas!

Frio River in Texas!

Made in USA, this is our gloriously detailed Map of Frio River in Texas!

Length: 200 Miles
Surface Elevation: 2,300 Feet
Basin Expanse: 7,310 Square Miles

Frio is Spanish for "cold." The Frio River has been identified as the stream that Alonso De Léon called Rio Sarco in 1689. Frio County is named for the river!

Unlike many other waterways around the country, all of the river banks along the Frio are considered private property, limiting access to the river to public access points typically near bridge crossings! Legally, the riverbanks may only be accessed in the event of portaging canoes or scouting for obstructions!

Finally, another one of Frio River facts is that the expanse is home to the second largest bat colony in the world! The bats help keep insect and pest populations down in the area making it a more enjoyable stay for everyone! 🦇🗺


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