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Fort Loudoun Lake, Tennessee!

Fort Loudoun Lake in Tennessee!

Fort Loudoun Lake in Tennessee!

Made in USA, this is our delightfully detailed Map of Fort Loudoun Lake in, Tennessee!

Named for John Campbell, the fourth Earl of Loudoun!

Shoreline: 379 Miles
Surface Acres: 14,600

Fort Loudoun Lake is a reservoir in East Tennessee on the upper Tennessee River extending about fifty miles along the waterway upstream from Fort Loudoun Dam!

Fort Loudoun retrogress even farther than the Revolutionary War, to the colonial-era conflict known as the French and Indian War! Part of a global endeavor fought on multifarious continents, the war in America pitted the British and their American colonists against the French and the Indian tribes allied with them!

When it was established in 1756 in what is now east Tennessee, Fort Loudoun was the westernmost British fort in America! It’s not surprising that it was soon forced to capitulate and several of its garrison were massacred!

It was named for John Campbell, the fourth earl of Loudoun, a British nobleman who never actually saw it!

Like the fort itself, the eponymous dam has considerable strategic value, at least to TVA’s waterway system. It’s the dam farthest upstream on the Tennessee River, and it plays a climacteric role in the prevention of flooding downstream, especially at Chattanooga!

Fort Loudoun is a favored recreation destination, known for bass fishing, boating and bird-watching! The tail-water expanse instantaneously below the dam is an superb site for viewing a variety of waterbirds, including herons, cormorants, gulls, osprey and bald eagles! 🌅🦅


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