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Escanaba River, Michigan!

Escanaba River, Michigan!

Escanaba River, Michigan!

Made in USA, this is our spectacular Map of Escanaba River, Michigan!

Population in Cornell – 521

More deer than people

Elevation is 873 Feet

Annual snowfall is 49.5 Inches

Length: 52.2 Miles

The history of Escanaba is a prolonged and meandering one, like the river the urban expanse is named for.
It was the great wide river of flat rocks (limestone) that drew people. The tributary merges into Little Bay de Noc creating a watery sanctuary for fish and fauna (wildlife). Early aboriginal peoples made use of this wonderful fishery. They found perpetually great coursing grounds on shore!

First Nations person called the waterway “Escanawba,” meaning flat rock. The City of Escanaba was sorted out in 1863 spelled with a “W”!

Amidst the years the logogram was modified to Escanaba. Some of the Native American translations (or the white people’s interpretation of them) have changed to append Escanaba meaning “the land of the red buck”, even though whitetail deer were not especially plentiful here preceding to the cessation of the virgin forest!

The City of Escanaba grew secure and proud. The expanse became prominent for lumbering, hardwood flooring, commercial fishing, paper making, and the shipping of iron ore.
To this day, the river still flows peaceably into the bay calling to ensuing generations!

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