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Elkin, North Carolina!

Elkin, North Carolina!

Elkin, North Carolina!

This is our endearing Map of Elkin, North Carolina!

The flowing in conjunction of the Yadkin River and the big Elkin Creek has attracted people to the expanse of what is now Elkin, since the forthcoming of the Paleo-Indians ten thousand years ago! We also, know that the Sioux Indians lived along the Yadkin River as early as 500 BC!

The earliest English colonists arrived in the mid-eighteenth century, Cherokee Indians were also in the district, they had united in agreement with the English in 1763, followed by the occurrences of the American Revolution!

Around 1840, Richard Gwyn left Jonesville to settle on the north side of the Yadkin River, appreciating the usefulness of the forested hills and waterpower of Elkin Creek. Within a decade he and several family members Elkin Manufacturing Company! 

Farther up Elkin Creek, Alexander Chatham and Thomas Lenior Gwyn opened a small woolen mill in 1877 that grew to become Elkin’s largest industry today. The Northwestern North Carolina Railroad arrived in 1890; the railroad brought for commercial and industrial expansion. It’s strategic location near the Yadkin River and the Big Elkin Creek and as a stop on the railroad caused prosperity that produced brick stores, many industries, and fine houses!

The beginning of industry began with the cotton mill, the Civil War involvement, the advancing of the railroad, the town’s coping with the depression of the thirties, and then the two World Wars!

The patrimony of the two rivers that flow throughout the community should not be unremembered. First, the rivers provided water and resources for fishing and travel!

Also, using waterpower to drive gristmills, forges, and sawmills was essential to economic development. The greatest influence was the more sophisticated mills along the rivers that powered shoe and textile factories. Elkin has a proud history and a bright future as seen in its historic downtown, where past landmarks are nowadays being revitalized! #phds4u

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