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Beautiful Wisteria!

Beautiful Wisteria!

Beautiful Wisteria!

In age of antiquity, Wisteria symbolizes longevity and permanence. Wisteria can live up to one hundred years or even older. Astonishingly, there is a twelve hundred year old Wisteria tree in Japan today!

It’s of no wonderment this plant has acquired such illustrious symbolism. It is a admirable plant with majestic growth, substantial beauty and intoxicating fragrance!

European families have pronounced of generations with the continuing growth of this dramatic vine, and so it provides us with clear meaning that it embodies an essence of everlastingness

Visualize Mothers and Grandmothers revealing their daughters of romance blossoming beneath the very same Wisteria that developed during the day of their Great Grandmothers!

In Japanese Kabuki theater, the symbolism for the Wisteria is Love, Sensitivity, Support, Sensuality, Tenderness and Bliss.

The copiousness of the Wisteria flowering vine also signifies our own deepening consciousness. The Wisteria is a voracious grower with the ability to extend out over acres, spiraling out into imposing expanses! 💜🍃

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