Lake Redstone, Wisconsin - Laser Cut Wood Map

Lake Redstone
Lake Redstone
Lake Redstone
Lake Redstone
Lake Redstone
Lake Redstone

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SKU: lsrmaps_9106

This is a beautiful, detail, laser engraved and precision cut map, including lake information such as surface area, elevation and maximum depth.

The snazzy map is a one dimensional laser engraved map, birch ply painted white,  then engraved and lightly stained.

The contemporary map has finished edges with gently rounded corners.  It casts a small shadow when mounted on the wall.  It is also suitable for display on an easel.

The classic framed style features a handmade frame in your choice of 4 stain colors:  ebony, natural, driftwood and, our most popular, English Chestnut.

Included With All Maps:
  • Points of interest laser engraved into the map face
  • A blue, self-adhesive Swarovski crystal to mark your preferred location on the map

Our maps are made from beautiful birch plywood.  Natural variances in the wood grain ensure a unique work of art.  Once the map is cut, it is hand sanded multiple times, mounted on a blue board to highlight the water, and given a clear coat for a lustrous wood shine.  Proudly made in the USA by American workers in an American owned business.

Custom Engraving Available
Add up to 2 lines of custom engraving at no additional cost!

Standard Engraving:
    • Shoreline: 17 Miles
    • Surface Area: 650 Acres
    • Max. Depth: 36 Feet

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