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Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - Wood Laser Cut Map - Earnhardt Collection Map

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This is a beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut topographical Map of Lake Geneva in Walworth County, Wisconsin with the following interesting stats carved into it:

  • Surface Area: 8.17 Sq Miles
  • Max. Length: 7.5 Miles
  • Max. Depth: 144 Feet
  • Avg. Depth: 62.7 Feet

Personalize your own map by choosing 3 options from the links below. Each option you choose will be engraved where the corresponding number is shown on the map in the image. Once you've made your selection, hit the back button and go to the next option. Add names and dates as a message during checkout. We will send a graphic proof for approval prior to production. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Interesting factoid: As near as geologists can tell, Geneva Lake was formed about 20,000 years ago, as the last glacier traveled across North America. The lake is fed entirely by underground springs, and has no surface inlets. The only outlet, the White River, in the City of Lake Geneva. The earliest residents in the area were the Pottawatomi Tribe, who migrated in the 1600’s from northern Wisconsin. Their best-known leader was a chief by the name of Big Foot, which the beach on the East end of the lake has been named in honor of. Although the Wisconsin territory had been explored as early as 1634, there never was an official recorded sighting of the lake until 1831. The Native Americans called the lake “Kishwauketoe”, which loosely translates to mean Clear Water or Lake of the Sparkling Water. In 1834, a government surveyor named John Brink was sent through the territory to survey the land and name the landmarks. When Mr. Brink saw the lake, he was reminded of Seneca Lake, near his hometown of Geneva, New York. It was at this time that the lake became known as Geneva Lake in honor of his hometown. (Not all of this information made it onto the map, we just love to read up on the lakes we design).