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Lake Arrowhead, Georgia - Laser Cut Wood Map Overflow Sale Special

$105.00 $136.49

This is a beautiful, detailed, laser engraved and precision cut map, including lake information such as surface area, elevation and maximum depth.


  • Points of interest laser engraved into the map face
  • A blue, self-adhesive Swarovski crystal to mark your preferred location on the map
Our maps are made from beautiful birch plywood. Natural variances in the wood grain ensure a unique work of art. Once the map is cut, it is hand sanded multiple times, mounted on a blue board to highlight the water, and given a clear coat for a lustrous wood shine. Proudly made in the USA by American workers in an American owned business.
Standard Engraving:
    • 540 Surface Acres
    • Depth: 186 Feet
    • 11 Miles of Shoreline
    • Surface Elevation: 1,020 Feet