The awe-inspiring Great Salt Lake, Utah!

The awe-inspiring Great Salt Lake, Utah!

Made in USA, this is our awe-inspiring Map of Great Salt Lake in Utah!

Surface Expanse: 1,700 Square Miles (on an average year)
Record High Water Level: 1986 – 2,300 Square Miles
Record Low Water Level: 1963 – 937 Square Miles
Length: 75 Miles
Width 28 Miles
Average Depth: 14 Feet
Maximum Depth: 33 Feet

The lake is a remnant of Lake Bonneville, an ancient, freshwater lake from the last Ice Age! Lake Bonneville was three hundred and twenty-fives miles long and one hundred and thirty-five miles wide and one thousand feet deep.

Nearly seventeen thousand years ago, Lake Bonneville overflowed in Red Rock Pass in Idaho and a yearlong flood ensued!

The lake lost approximately three hundred and seventy-five feet of water. As Lake Bonneville shrank, all of the minerals in it – including salt – concentrated into steadily less water.

Every year, 2.2 million tons of salt flows into Great Salt Lake from tributary rivers! This accumulation of minerals and no outlet to the ocean results in a salt lake! 🧂💕🌅

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