Tennessee River, TN! ๐ŸŒ…โš“

Tennessee River, TN! ๐ŸŒ…โš“
This is our beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut topographical Map of the Tennessee River, located in McCracken County and Livingston Counties, Tennessee with the following interesting stats carved into it:
Kentucky Reservoir
160, 300 Surface Acres
2,300 Miles of Shoreline
Year Built: 1938-1944
Kentucky Dam creates the largest manmade lake in the eastern United States.ย 
The Tennessee River is the largest tributary of the Ohio River.ย 
It is approximately 652 miles long and is located in the southeastern United States in the Tennessee Valley.ย 
The river was once popularly known as the Cherokee River, among other names, as many of the Cherokee had their territory along its banks, especially in eastern Tennessee and northern Alabama.ย 
Its current name is derived from the Cherokee village Tanasi.ย 
The river appears on French maps from the late 17th century with the names "Caquinampo" or "Kasqui."
Maps from the early 18th century call it "Cussate," "Hogohegee," "Callamaco," and "Acanseapi."ย 
A 1755 British map showed the Tennessee River as the "River of the Cherokees."ย 
By the late 18th century, it had come to be called "Tennessee," a name derived from the Cherokee village named Tanasi.ย 
The river was a major highway to transport goods and explorers in the years when Tennessee was not yet settled.ย 
Some major towns that still exist today, and major ports at them were established by those who rode down the river, and settled along it.

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