Breaking Ground on Future Reservoir Ralph Hall!

Breaking Ground on Future Reservoir Ralph Hall!

This is our fascinating, detailed, laser engraved and precision cut Map of Ralph Hall Reservoir, located on the North Sulphur River in southeast Fannin County, north of the city of Ladonia. 

The lake is named after late U.S. Congressman Ralph M. Hall, who was a staunch supporter of building the new reservoir. 

Total size of project is approximately 16,000 acres, including environmental improvement areas. 

180,000 acre-ft of water can be stored in the lake (approx. 58.7 billion gallons).

Lake Surface Area: 7,600 acres, or just under 12 square miles.

Recreational opportunities: fishing, boating and nature watching. 

Constructed, owned, operated and maintained by UTRWD. 


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