Neebish Island, Michigan!

Neebish Island, Michigan!
This is our fascinating, detailed, laser engraved and precision cut topographical map of Neebish Island, Michigan with interesting detail carved into it:
The island of 21.5 square miles lies south of Sugar Island and to the east of Michigan's upper-peninsula.
The island consists of two parts known as "Big Neebish" and "Little Neebish", also known as Rains Island. 
The latter, located south east of the main island is separated by a narrow and shallow creek known colloquially as 'the dark hole' or 'the black hole' by Neebish Islanders. 
While only four of its 21.5 square miles (56 km2) are state owned, the island is mostly undeveloped. 
A vehicle and passenger ferry operates on a seasonal basis to connect the island with Bruce Township on the mainland. 
During the height of the summer, departures occur every two hours with some additional trips occurring during peak hours in the morning and afternoon.
Service is not scheduled between January 15 and April 1. 
In 2006, the ferry carried an average of 3,300 passengers with 2,175 vehicles each month. 

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