Lake Travis, Austin, Texas!

Lake Travis, Austin, Texas!
Our beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut map of Lake Travis in Travis and Burnet Counties, northwest of Austin, Texas, with the following interesting stats carved into it:
Lake Type: Hydroelectric Reservoir
Impounded in 1942 by the Mansfield Dam 
Operated by the Lower Colorado River Authority
Primary Inflows: Colorado River
Surface Area: 18,930 Acres
Max. Depth: 210 Feet 
Shore Length: 1270 Miles
From the water, American Lake appears more as a scenic wilderness lake with majestic Mount Rainier as a backdrop to the southeast. 
Much of the shoreline is owned by the United States military, allowing it to keep its tree-lined, undeveloped perimeter. 
Camp Murray is home to the Washington National Guard while Fort Lewis, across the lake, is an Army installation. 
Fort McCord Air Force Base, near Fort Lewis, completes the trio. 
All three have waterfront access and facilities for current and past military members, but most of their shoreline properties remain undeveloped.

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