Lake Tippecanoe, Indiana!

Lake Tippecanoe, Indiana!

This is our gorgeous, detailed, laser engraved and precision cut Map of Tippecanoe Lake in Leesburg, Kosciusko Counties, Indiana with the following interesting stats carved into it:

Surface Area: 880 Acres
Avg. Depth: 37 Feet
Max. Depth: 123 Feet

Part of the Barbee Lakes Chain, known locally as “Lake Tippy”

The name Tippecanoe doesn't have anything to do with canoes or canoeing, however.

Instead, it is a Native American word with a long history of variations from French speakers and Europeans who referred to it on their early maps and documents.

The origin comes from the Miami Indian word for what we now call carp, which they called "buffalo fish".

It would appear that "kiteepihkwanwa" (many variations exist) morphed into "quitepicannae" by a French-speaking U.S. emissary and then "Lac Tipicaneau".

That is the short version, but it eventually ended up on maps as either Tippecanoe Lake or Lake Tippecanoe.




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