Lake Norman, North Carolina!

Lake Norman, North Carolina!
This is our amazingly detailed, laser engraved and precision cut Map of Lake Norman in Lincoln, Catawba, Iredell and Mecklenburg Counties, North Carolina with the following interesting stats carved into it:
Named for Norman Atwater Cocke
Year Built: 1959-1964
Shoreline: 520 Miles
Maximum Depth: 110 feet
Average Depth: 33.5 feet
Lake Norman, created between 1959 and 1964 as part of the construction of the Cowans Ford Dam by Duke Energy, is the largest manmade body of fresh water located in North Carolina. 
Lake Norman is fed by the Catawba River, and drains into Mountain Island Lake to the south. 
It was named after former Duke Power president Norman Atwater Cocke. 
Lake Norman is sometimes referred to as the "inland sea" of North Carolina; it offers 520 miles of shoreline and a surface area of more than 50 square miles. 
Full pond at Lake Norman is 760 feet above mean sea level. 
Interstate 77 and North Carolina Highway 150 cross Lake Norman at different points.
Lake Norman provides electricity to the Piedmont region of the Carolinas. 
It powers the generators at the hydroelectric station at Cowans Ford Dam, and is used by Marshall Steam Station and McGuire Nuclear Station to cool the steam that drives their turbines. 
Duke Power partnered with the state of North Carolina to establish Lake Norman State Park. 
Popular game fish in Lake Norman include catfish, crappie, bluegill and yellow perch, as well as striped, largemouth, white bass along with multiple types of turtles. 

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