Lake Hartwell, Georgia and South Carolina!

Lake Hartwell, Georgia and South Carolina!

This is our beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut Map of Lake Hartwell, bordering Georgia and South Carolina with the following interesting stats carved into it:

Lake Hartwell, Hart County, Hartwell GA

All named after Nancy Hart due to her heroic exploits on behalf of the Patriots cause during the revolutionary war.

Constructed: 1955 – 1959
Surface area: 56,000 acres
Shoreline: 962 miles
Depth behind dam: 180 feet

Lake Hartwell is a man-made reservoir bordering Georgia and South Carolina on the Savannah, Tugaloo, and Seneca Rivers.

Lake Hartwell is one of the Southeast’s largest and most popular recreation lakes.

The lake is created by Hartwell Dam located on the Savannah River seven miles below the point at which the Tugaloo and Seneca Rivers join to form the Savannah.

Extending 49 miles up the Tugaloo and 45 miles up the Seneca at normal pool elevation, the lake comprises nearly 56,000 acres of water with a shoreline of 962 miles.

The entire Hartwell "Project" contains 76,450 acres of land and water. I-85bisects Hartwell Lake and makes the area easily accessible to visitors.

The area around Lake Hartwell has a rich history, much of the land inherited from the Cherokee Indians and from early settlers.

Many streams, rivers and recreation areas have been named after these early settlers. Issaqueena, a young Indian maiden who rode to Fort Ninety-Six to warn settlers of an attack, allegedly named some streams.

Along her journey, she marked her travel by naming streams that she encountered for the number of miles she had covered.

Issaqueena named Six-Mile, Twelve-Mile, Three-and-Twenty Mile and Six-and-Twenty Mile creeks, which are still a part of the lake today.

Other historic figures that lived around this area were Andrew Pickens and John C. Calhoun, both statesmen from South Carolina.

William Bartram traveled the area recording vegetation types and plant species.



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