Lake Harris, Florida!

Lake Harris, Florida!
Lake Harris, Florida – Laser Cut Wood Map
Proudly made in the United States by American workers in an American owned business!
This is our delightfully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut Map of Lake Harris in Lake County, Florida with the following interesting stats carved into it:
Part of the "Upper Ocklawaha River Basin" known by locals as the "Harris Chain of Lakes" or "Ocklawaha Chain of Lakes" and includes Lake Eustis (7,806 acres), Lake Harris (15,087 acres), Little Lake Harris (3,359 acres), Lake Dora (4,475 acres), Lake Beauclair (1,140 acres), Lake Griffin (9,327 acres), Lake Yale (4,013 acres) and Lake Carlton (376 acres).
Lake Harris derives its name from Ebenezer Jackson Harris (1815–1885), a pioneer resident who lived at Yalaha on the south side of the Lake in the 1840s.
Lake Harris had been originally called Lake Eustis since 1823, in honor of Colonel Abraham Eustis! 🌅👨‍🌾

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