Incredible Walleye Fish!

Incredible Walleye Fish!

Walleye have exceptionally keen eyesight, even in low light conditions. This ability allows walleye to be particularly victorious predators at nighttime and at twilight and daybreak. The oldest reported age for a walleye is twenty-nine years! The heaviest published poundage for a walleye is 11.3 kg

Inhabitants of this sub-species are still present in Canada!

Walleye in North America are discovered in the Arctic south to the Great Lakes and across to the St. Lawrence River. In Canada, walleye are sighted in Quebec transverse to the Northwest Territories. Within the United States, walleye are found southward into Alabama and Arkansas and in the Mississippi River basin. Walleye have been broadly introduced outside of their native range within the U.S., including the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean drainages and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Walleye transpires in lakes, pools, back waters and runs of middle-sized to large rivers. Walleye favor large shallow lakes with elevated turbidity. Walleye are infrequently sighted in brackish water.

Adolescent walleye feed on invertebrates and small fish. Adult walleye feed mainly on fish such as yellow perch and minnows, but abundance of fish species have been found in walleye stomachs. Adults will also feed on crayfish, snails, frogs, mudpuppies and small mammals when fish and insects are in short supply. 🐟


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