Waconda Lake, Kansas!

Waconda Lake, Kansas!
This is our wonderfully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut Map of Waconda Lake in Mitchell and Osborne Counties in Kansas with the following interesting stats carved into it:
Built: November 1964
First Flooded: January 1969
Surface Area: 12,602 Acres
Max Depth: 55 Feet
Water Volume: Full: 219,420 Acre Ft
Shore Length: 100 Miles
Waconda Great Spirit Spring
Many moons ago, so runs an Indian legend, Waconda, a beautiful princess, fell in love with a brave of another tribe. 
Prevented from marriage by a blood feud, this warrior embroiled the tribes in battle. 
During the fight an arrow struck him as he stood on the brink of a spring and he fell mortally wounded 
into the waters. 
Waconda, grief stricken, plunged after him. Believing her soul still lived in the depths, the tribes for countless ages carried their sick to drink the healing waters. 
Here they celebrated their victories and mourned their losses, never neglecting to throw into the spring some token for the Great Spirit. 
Waconda Spring, is a natural flowing artesian well about fifty feet in diameter, set in a curious limestone basin. 
Covered over when the reservoir was constructed.

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