Lake Hamilton, Arkansas!

Lake Hamilton, Arkansas!
Made in USA, this is our beautifully detailed Map of Lake Hamilton in Garland County, Arkansas!
Surface Expanse: 7,640 Acres
Surface Elevation: 121 Feet
Average Depth: 7.2 Feet
Completion of Dam: In December of 1932
Lake Hamilton is located in Hot Springs National Park. The extraordinary natural features of Hot Springs National Park were first protected when Congress declared the expanse a "reservation" in 1832, some forty years prior to Yellowstone becoming the world's first national park!
From prehistoric indigenous peoples onward, human beings have been using the hot springs for therapeutic baths for millennia! To supersede earlier wooden structures susceptible to fire, a row of masonry bathhouses and luxurious stone was constructed in the early 1900's along Downtown Central Avenue of Hot Springs, Arkansas!
Presently, the Bathhouse Row structures are portrayal of a National Historic Landmark District and represent the grandest assemblage of such bathhouses in North America! While preserving an array of forty-seven hot springs and their catchment basin, the park provides hiking trails, scenic drives, picnic and camping areas! 🏕🦇🌊⛵

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