Carolina Songbird Ornaments!

Carolina Songbird Ornaments!
These are Carolina songbirds. You'll be able to buy these painted or unpainted. Makes for beautiful Christmas ornaments! 
Fun fact(s) about the songbirds: For approximately three years the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart kept a pet starling, which are relative to the songbird. 
The starling of Mozart is remembered for the anecdote of how he came to purchase it, for the funeral commemorations Mozart provided for it, and as an example of the composer's adoration in general for birds.
More than half of the bird species in the entire world are songbirds. 
They have a voice box with more complicated parts than other birds, so they can sing especially musical, and sometimes beautiful, songs. 
The birds will use these songs to attract mates or to demonstrate their territories.
Some evidence suggests that the amazing songbirds evolved around fifty million years ago in the part of Gondwana that later became India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and Antarctica, before spreading around the globe. 

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