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Richland-Chambers Lake, Texas - Wood Laser Cut Map - Earnhardt Collection Map

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This is a beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut topographical Map of Richland-Chambers Lake in Navarro and Freestone counties, Texas with the following interesting stats carved into it:

  • Year built: 1982-1987
  • 41,356 Surface Acres
  • 330 Miles of Shoreline
  • Max. Depth: 75 feet

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Interesting factoid: Richland-Chambers Reservoir is the third largest inland reservoir by surface area and the 8th largest reservoir by water volume in Texas formed by the impoundment of Richland Creek and Chambers Creek east-southeast of the town of Corsicana and south of Kerens, in Navarro County and Freestone CountyTexas.  It has 330 miles of shoreline and is "Y" shaped with the dam on the eastern end of the lake. Due to a drought in 1956-1957 plans were made by the Tarrant Regional Water District to build the Richland-Chambers Reservoir with the purpose of being a public water source for Tarrant County. The plan called for a reservoir to be built along with a pipeline between Richland-Chambers and Lake Benbrook. However, no actions were taken until October 1, 1979 when the water district issued $342.75 million in revenue bonds for construction.

The project was designed and engineered by Freese and Nichols, Consulting Engineers, of Fort Worth, Texas. Construction began on October 7, 1982. The dam was closed on Richland-Chambers Reservoir July 1987 and filled by May 1989. On November 12, 1988 the Richland-Chambers pipeline became operational.

In January of 1990 seepage and high uplift pressures were detected by TRWD at the south abutment of the spillway. Remediation measures included installation of numerous internal drains, inclinometers, extensometers, and piezometers throughout the spillway and abutments. By the end of 1995 total downstream movement had reached 0.6 inch, and a period of monitoring was begun. The movement has stabilized and the total deflection is now 0.8 inch.

In 1999 a wetlands project was launched for the purpose of reusing Trinity River water by filtering a portion of the river through wetlands and then into the Richland-Chambers Reservoir. Initially a demonstration project, this has proved successful and is moving into a larger 2,000-acre phase. Due to this additional water, plans are in place to build an additional pipeline between the reservoir and Tarrant County.

In approximately 2009 the dam nearly collapsed due to subsidence in the location where the dam makes a sharp right angle to accommodate the intersection of US287 and TX488. (Not all of this information made it onto the map, we just love to read up on the lakes we design).