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Lake Temagami, Ontario, Canada - Wood Laser Cut Map

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This is a beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut topographical Map of Lake Temagami in Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada with the following interesting stats carved into it:

  • There are approximately 1259 Islands
  • The largest of which is Tamagami Island
  • The lands surrounding the lake have a large amount of Precambrian rock which were formed after the earth’s crust cooled.
  • Name comes from Te-mee-ay-gaming, which means "deep water by the shore" in the Ojibwa language.
  • Max. depth: 229 miles
  • 31 miles north to south
  • 7.249 miles east to west

Interesting factoid: Lake Temagami, formerly spelt as Lake Timagami, is a lake in Nipissing Districtin northeastern Ontario, Canada, situated approximately 80 km north of North Bay. The lake's name comes from Te-mee-ay-gaming, which means "deep water by the shore" in the Ojibwa language. In 1834, the Hudson's Bay Company opened a fur trading post on the lake, which operated during the 19th century. The Forest Reserves Act of 1898 established the Temagami Forest Reserve on the shores and adjacent lands of the lake in 1901.

It was created to reserve the forests for future logging by restricting settlement. In 1904 it was increased to 5,800 sq mi. As a result of this reserve, the building of cottages and resorts was only permitted on the lake's islands. This restriction is still in force today. Lake Temagami is popular for cottage vacationing: the number of cottages on Lake Temagami are estimated between 630 and 746. In addition there are 9 youth camps, and 12 commercial lodges.

A copper mine opened on Temagami Island in 1954 called Copperfield's Mine. It produced 34,000,000 dollars Canadian and was considered to mine the purest copper ore in Canada. The mine closed in 1972.
(Not all of this information made it onto the map, we just love to read up on the lakes we design).

This map can be personalized (at no additional charge) with up to two lines of engraving. Leave notes during checkout and we will email a graphic proof to you for approval prior to production. Example:

The Smith Family Lake House
  Est. 2018

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