Ric Erkes

Ric Erkes

Ric is a very talented local artist.  Here's more about Ric, in his own words...

I have been lucky enough to pursue three passions in my life.  I recently retired from over 40 years of flying, been married for over 30, and have worked with wood for most of my life.

I bought my first lathe to repair a broken chair leg.  That was over 20 years ago and since then I have been hooked on the satisfaction of taking a raw piece of discarded wood and molding it into a form that captivates your interest.  I have studied with numerous masters in the field and have demonstrated at various venues and woodturning clubs.  I belong to the American Association of Woodturners. 

I turn a variety of styles and shapes, some functional, but mostly on the artistic side.  This keeps the passion alive and exciting for me.  The inherent challenge of woodturning is to combine the colors and patterns and even imperfections in the wood, all with the skill of the artist. A wood lathe works three dimensionally in the round.  My goal is to take that limitation and expand the creative possibilities.   In other words, to acknowledge gravity but learn to fly. 

Like flying and marriage, woodturning is a skill that improves with years of practice, and a realization that you can always take it to another level.  

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