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Mini Daisy - Will You Marry Me Puzzle

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Mini Daisy - Will You Marry Me Puzzle. A fun alternative for the proposal!

This Daisy flower shaped puzzle contains 21 pieces laser cut from 1/8" thick finely sanded birch

What a fun way to pass the time while waiting for your meal.

Won't your date be surprised when she completes the puzzle and sees what is inscribed!

The Will You Marry Me? mini puzzle will let your bride to be know you thought about how to propose in a fun and different way.

Show her you are creative and spontaneous.

Arrange a surprise proposal. Have the puzzle presented at the end of a challenging scavenger hunt!

The wood puzzle measures only 5" x 5"

Pack it in the small 4" kraft pillow pack and slip it into your pocket. 2nd image

28" of white ribbon included to tie and secure kraft box.

On average time to assemble puzzle correctly is 5 minutes

Custom orders are available: Add your favorite poem, love song, names and a date
just a $5 fee

This little puzzle has a custom cut wood mat ready to be framed. 3rd image

The inscription states
"I plucked a flower, from a garden,
the best one I could find,
in hopes to find the answer to a question on my mind. "

Also included is a daisy shaped puzzle building mini frame. 4th image

It is easy to line up in the wood mat, then remove.

choose metallic blue or green for the background

In stock and ready to ship

Please note:

Outer frame is for example only. It is not included.
Puzzle will ship flat with engraved wood mat, metallic paper back, ribbon and the kraft pillow pack

Made in the sleepy little town of Troutman, North Carolina USA