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Beaver, Catchacoma, and Mississauga Lake, Ontario - Wood Laser Cut Map - Earnhardt Collection Map

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This is a beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut topographical Map of Beaver Lake, Catchacoma Lake, Gold Lake and Mississauga Lake in Ontario, Canada with the following interesting stats carved into it:

  • Beaver Lake:
    •   Shoreline: 10.7 km (6.7 miles)
    •   Avg. Depth: 6.4 meters (21 ft)
    •   Max. Depth: 18.2 meters(60 ft)
  • Catchacoma Lake:
    •   Surface Area: 688 ha (1,699 acres)
    •   Avg. Depth: 20 meters (66 ft)
    •   Max. Depth: 44 meters (144 ft)
  • Mississauga Lake
    •   Surface Area: 590 ha (1,458 acres)
    •   Avg. Depth: 18 meters (58 ft)
    •   Max. Depth: 40 meters (130 ft)

Interesting factoid:

Kawartha Highlands:

A system of interconnected lakes lies to the north of the main chain. Due to an artificial dam placed at the south end of Mississauga Lake in the mid-20th century, these lakes have equal levels and are inter-navigable. They consist of Catchacoma Lake, Beaver Lake, Mississauga Lake, Gold Lake, McGinnis Lake, Cold Lake, and Cavendish Lake.

Also nearby, but not reachable by boat without portage, are Gull Lake, Anstruther Lake, Bottle Lake, and Sucker Lake. The area is partially enclosed by Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park.

(Not all of this information made it onto the map, we just love to read up on the lakes we design).