Lake Guntersville, Alabama!

Lake Guntersville, Alabama!
Made in USA, this is our remarkably detailed Map of Lake Guntersville in Jackson and Marshall Counties in Alabama!
Shoreline: 949 Miles
Surface Expanse: 67,900
Maximum Depth: 15 Feet
Completion of Dam: January 24th, 1939
John Gunter, from whom the borough and Guntersville Lake got their names, came from the Carolinas in 1785, just a decade after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
He was a Welshman and resided among Native Americans as a trader. He united in marriage with a Cherokee princess and amassed a fortune.
The Gunter progeny became instrumental leaders who were prominent in both the American Indian Territory and the surrounding expanse.
Many American Indians, primarily Cherokees, inhabited the Guntersville expanse until well after 1836, when Marshall County was established.
It was sardonic, though, that Gunter's landing, which had been a site of harmony and cooperation between Whites and American Indians, became a port of embarkation for shipping American Indians to the West.
The Guntersville museum and Cultural Center has dedicated a gallery to local American Indian history, in remembrance of the Cherokee and Creek tribes who were evicted from their homes and forced to proceed the "Trail of Tears." 🏹🖼🛶🌅

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