Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas!

Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas!
Made in USA, this is our entrancing Map of Greers Ferry Lake in Cleburne and Van Buren Counties, Arkansas!
Dam Constructed: 1959 – 1962
Surface Acres: 31,500
The reservoir consists of two lakes connected by a water-filled gorge called the Narrows. The expanse of the two lakes and the Narrows totals approximately 40,500 acres with a combined shoreline of just over three hundred and forty miles!
More impressive is the amount of watershed in miles: 1146 square miles, that's seven hundred and thirty-three thousand acres.
In the 1800s there was once a city, Higden, under this reservoir. The farmers in Higden had constant trouble with flooding.
The land was purchased, residents left and the city was abandoned, the cemeteries were moved, and the expanse was allowed to flood.
The town has since been re-established on a nearby hill. Nearby residents and several eyewitness accounts tell that homes and buildings still stand under the water to this day, a watery ghost town.
Several roads in town can be followed to the shore where they disappear under the water, and surface on the opposite side of the lake. 🌊🏘🌅🛶

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