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Flagstaff Lake, Maine!

Flagstaff Lake, Maine!

Flagstaff Lake, Maine!

Made in USA, this is truly our one of a kind Map of Flagstaff Lake in Somerset and Franklin Counties, Maine!

Surface Area: 20,300 Acres

Average Depth: 18 Feet

Maximum Depth: 48 Feet

Flagstaff Lake was a smaller intrinsic lake when the Long Falls Dam impounded the Dead River in 1950, enlarging the lake and turning it into a reservoir used for hydropower electricity production by regulating the flow of the Dead River into the Kennebec River!

At the time, the river drive was still a primary means of delivering timber to the pulp mills downstream. Ameliorated highways and the trucking industry have replaced the river drive!

Construction was controversial dating back to 1923, pitting the president of Central Maine Power Company, Walter Wyman, against state legislator and future Maine governor Percival Proctor Baxter. Flagstaff Lake occupies parts of the abandoned and now submerged townships of Flagstaff, Bigelow, Dead River and Carrying Place! 🛳


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